Project Description

The Problem

Depending on one’s employer and insurance company, the recovery of workers’ compensation benefits may be difficult to attain and could involved a lengthy process.  You will need help.

One of our clients, a manager a big box construction company, injured his back while lifting a heavy item during the course of work day. This manager was a hands-on supervisor and he often worked side by side with his team.  As is often the case, a workers’ compensation insurer accepted a low back strain for the injured worker. However, the doctors involved in the case diagnosed a herniated disc. The herniated disc in this case caused radiating symptoms in the worker’s leg, which affected his ability to lift, walk, and even sit.

The Solution

Ultimately, through legal fighting, the workers’ compensation insurance company accepted the true low back injury.  As a result of this acceptance, the injured store manager received his workers’ compensation benefits including medical care and wage substitution.

Unfortunately, there’s more to this story….

As a result of the back injury, the injured worker lost the feeling in his leg and fell down some stairs.  In an effort to protect himself, he extended his arm to block the fall and injured his shoulder.

The workers’ compensation insurance company initially argued that there was no shoulder injury and denied the secondary claim. It’s important to note that if you injure yourself as a consequence of a worker’s compensation claim, the workers’ compensation insurance company is responsible.

Eventually, after more than a year of legal battling, the workers’ compensation insurer succumbed to Guinn Law Team’s concerted pressure and the insurer accepted the shoulder claim.  The injured worker was able to have the necessary shoulder surgery. Two years later, our client has recovered from his surgery, is attending school and moving forward in his life. The insurance company is paying for these benefits. Guinn Law helped pave the way for our client to have a new lease on life.

The Point: Don’t settle for what they want to give. Talk to us first.

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