Project Description

It was 1960 when our client, then an 18-year-old logger in Canby, was crushed by a tree. The injuries were devastating to the young man just starting out: The impact fractured his spine and hips.

By the time he came to us, in 2012, his injuries were arthritic. He needed bilateral hip replacements and back surgery. Although he had been on SSDI for about 25 years, he had not received several other large benefits he was entitled to all along. He didn’t know he could get them, and the insurance company certainly didn’t draw his attention to them. (They never do.)

Within a short period of time, we won him his medical benefits, permanent partial-disability benefits, and time loss benefits going back over 40 years. The tax-free payoffs allowed him to get his surgeries, secure his home, buy a vehicle, and greatly improve his quality of life.

The Point: Benefits are for life. It’s never too late to claim what you’re owed.

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